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Florida Driving Laws to Be Aware Of

When planning a trip to Florida, you need to do more than just packing your bag. Florida Driving Laws to Be Aware of Like any foreign destination, driving in Florida as a tourist can be quite overwhelming and exciting. The last thing you want is getting a traffic...

Defensive Driving Tips

ant to make the roads safer, while protecting you, your loved ones and your car? Take the first step by honing your defensive driving skills. These tips can help you become more fully engaged in your journeys and stay safe behind the wheel.

Everyone is a Pedestrian

After two years of marked increases, the number of pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. is holding steady with nearly 6,000 pedestrians killed in 2017, according to estimates from the Governors Highway Safety Association. Most crashes involving pedestrians occur at non-intersections.

ATSSA Traffic Convention and Expo 2019

This once-a-year showcase is a unique opportunity to meet the greater TraffiCalm team face to face and to see how we are engineering solutions to address industry problems.

Pedestrians In Danger

It’s getting harder to be a pedestrian in Tampa Bay — and the Sunshine State. A Dangerous by Design report from the advocacy organization, Smart Growth America, the region is among the top 10 deadliest places for pedestrians. Florida, where 5,433 pedestrian deaths...

National Safety Month

Every June in the United States most people are getting ready for barbecues, beaches and summertime fun. However, individuals in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) industry are ramping up for National Safety Month.

Is it Legal to Pass a City Bus?

You’re driving on a two-lane road and stopped behind a city bus. Is it legal to pass? If that had been a school bus, it clearly would have been illegal, and the lights and signs on the bus would have made that abundantly clear. However, the rules are different for city buses.