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The instructor was very professional and polite. He knew how the real test for the DMV is and had insightful advice. I had never drove before, but after two classes with him I feel ready for my test. The person that takes the calls was very helpful also. Great company where clearly everyone knows what they are doing.
Kathia Garelik
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Florida 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course | Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)

For drivers who have been issued a traffic citation, will receive a 9% discount on eligible citations; 18% as of January 1, 2020.


4-Hour First Time Driver Course | Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)

This course is a required course for all New Drivers in the state of Florida. Also known as the Drug & Alcohol course.


8-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course | Intermediate or Aggressive Driving Course

For drivers who have received two or more citations within 12 months and court ordered to complete an Defensive Driving Course (DDC) or Aggressive Driving Course.

Certain driver performance errors, including committing a right-of-way error, sudden or improper braking or stopping, and being unfamiliar with a vehicle or roadway, increased the risk of crashing by hundreds of times. (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 2016)
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Meet your certified instructor
John Barry

John Barry

John spent his last 7 years in England working at the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), a British Government Department, that is responsible for all forms of Driving Licensing throughout the United Kingdom. He personally examined and certified over 12,000 drivers. John certified and belonged to the Institute of Advanced Motorists of England for over 30 years. John also owned and operated his own driving school in London, England; called South London Driving School for over 17 years. He estimates he covered over 500,000 miles with student drivers of all ages.

Florida DMV Motorcycle Association Endorsement

Florida DMV Instructor Certified

James Smith

James Smith

Jim is married with three daughters and four grandchildren. He lives in Palm Harbor, Fl. and is a U.S. Air Force veteran that spent eight and a half years in active duty. Has been in instructing and training safe drivers for over 40 years.
Jim has always been active in sports by coaching and planning activities for children. He is also a traffic safety instructor for Nations Traffic School in Tampa. Jim loves people and wants to help all students be successful.

Florida DMV Instructor Certified

Florida DMV Motorcycle Association Endorsement

Colby Bidwell

Colby Bidwell

Colby Bidwell has lived in Florida his entire life and completed degrees at both Florida State University (B.S.) and the University of Florida (M.Ed.). His career is in education and has taught public school science for 10 years. In addition to teaching Biology Honors and AP Physics 1 at the high school level, he coached the following varsity sports: Golf, Swimming, Soccer, and Tennis. He has a passion for educating young people through building relationships around the common goal of achieving learning progress in a safe environment with practical, comfortable, and differentiated learning strategies.

FL DMV Instructor Certified

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