Maintaining proper care of your car is an important step for being a safe driver. Something that many people forget to check is their tire pressure.

Many times, you won’t realize that your tire pressure is too low or too high. Driving with your tires not properly inflated is very dangerous. Did you know that a tire doesn’t actually have to look like it needs air for there to be a problem?

Why is Tire Pressure Important?

There are many reasons why tire pressure is important, the first one is that it helps keep your car in correct working condition. It also helps you prevent getting a flat tire or a blowout while driving. Having your tires all be inflated to the same amount will actually help the alignment on your car and help the tread wear evenly on them. If you over inflate your tires, you are having less of your tire on the road which means that you have less of a handle and might increase your chance in accidents.

What Should Your Tire Pressure Be?

What your tire pressure should be will depend on your car and your tires. If you look in the owner’s manual or on the door frame of the driver door, it should be listed there for you.

Tire pressure is measured in PSI, or pounds per square inch. Once you locate and know what the PSI for you tires should be, you need to check the pressure by using an air gauge. Make sure you are checking when the tires are cold—and it couldn’t hurt to check it multiple times.

Once you have it checked, either add air or take away air. Make sure you replace the nozzle once you are finished inflating and you are now ready to go.

Make sure you are practicing safe driving and check your tire pressure!

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