Teens have a crash rate 3 times that of older drivers. How can we change that?

If you think about it, a new teenage driver has been riding around in the back seat for 16 years, and you as a parent have probably been trying to keep them occupied in the back seat by having them watch videos and playing games, not teaching them about driving safely.

Did you take the time to teach them anything about safe driving during all those trips? Did you demonstrate good driving skills for them to follow? Or were you speeding, talking on the phone, and sometimes yelling at other drivers? Often times we wonder where teens developed these bad habits. Parents need to make sure you are always using every opportunity to teach your child about safe driving.

Just remember, if you are practicing safe driving while driving your child, you can teach your child safe driving. If you feel like you need help teaching your child, get them driving lessons. Let a professional teach them how to be a safer driver, so you can feel confident handing them the keys to drive alone.

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