You’re Driving Insensitively and Don’t Realize It – Part 5

Best way to navigate a median.

You think you’re pretty good behind the wheel, right? Here’s part 5 of what you might be doing while on the road. See parts, 1-4 in our previous posts.

  • Doubling up in a median
    When turning left without a protected light, it’s already risky enough to pull out halfway and wait in the median for a hole in traffic. But when the guy across from you also pulls into the median to do the same thing, it blocks the first car’s vision (yours) entirely.

  • Yielding the right of way when it’s really yours
    I know you have only the best intentions when you let four people pull out in front of you. But letting people go out of turn creates a knock-on effect that will impact all the traffic behind you. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess. 

Thanks for being part of this mini-insensitivity training!

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You’re Driving Insensitively and Don’t Realize It

You see that big solid white stripe? Sure, you do.

Driving Insensitively – Part 1

You think you’re pretty good behind the wheel, right? And you also probably think you’re surrounded by hordes of morons on the road. Sounds about right — a few years ago, Allstate commissioned a study where drivers rated themselves, and two-thirds said they considered themselves “very good” or “excellent” drivers, but were much less complimentary about 80% of everyone else.

What does this mean? It means you’re almost definitely driving insensitively, just like the rest of us. Here are just a few of the little things you’re probably guilty of doing at one point or another without even realizing it.

  • Stopping too far out in an intersection
    You see that big solid white stripe? Sure, you do. It’s there for a reason, which is why you should stop your car behind it. Not in front of it, not on it, not on it just a little bit. Behind it. Otherwise, you’re forcing pedestrians to walk that much closer to traffic as they go around you.
    It also blocks the view of anyone in the right lane who wants to turn right on red. If they can’t see around you, there’s no way for them to know it’s safe, and they’re more likely to take a gamble. And if you’re in the left lane, you’re putting yourself too close to the oncoming cars that are turning left from the perpendicular street.
  • Creeping forward at a red light
    There are two types of red-light creepers in this world. The first is the impatient fool at the front of the line who thinks edging forward is somehow going to make the light change faster. It isn’t. The second is the guy behind you who stopped weirdly far away and is now slowly edging forward and distracting you in the rear-view mirror with his intermittent scooting.

Come back Wednesday for part 2, to see what else you may be doing without realizing it.

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