You’re Driving Insensitively and Don’t Realize It – Part 2

Think you’re pretty good behind the wheel, right? Here’s part 2 of what you might be doing while on the road. See Part 1 in Monday’s post.

Don’t be that guy.

Driving in the left lane on the highway
Continuously driving in the left lane at all, even if you’re going at or above the speed limit, is illegal in most states. It’s for passing only, with obvious exceptions in times of heavy traffic.

It’s not a feature, it’s a necessity.

Screwing up the flow of traffic by either not using a turn signal…
Information on your turn would’ve been good to know 10 seconds ago so others aren’t waiting unnecessarily for you.

… or using it too early
By that same token, if I’m turning right, and you’re driving along with your blinker on, how are others supposed to know that you have no intention of turning?

Come back next week for part 3, to see what else you may be doing without realizing it.

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