You’re Driving Insensitively and Don’t Realize It – Part 3

Check your blind spot.

You’re Driving Insensitively

You think you’re pretty good behind the wheel, right? Here’s part 3 of what you might be doing while on the road. See parts 1 & 2 in our last week’s posts.

  • Using your signal after you start changing lanes
    Check your blind spot, then hit your blinker, then change lanes.
  • Scaring cyclists
    One of the biggest gripes of cyclists is when vehicles cut them off when passing or pass them too close. Cutting off anyone is rude, but it’s downright dangerous when a cyclist is involved. Cyclists are people too, guys, with the same feelings and rights to the road as everyone else. Wait until you see them fully in your rearview mirror before you get back in front of them.
  • Moving the steering wheel when you check your blind spot
    It’s astonishing how many people do this. In the act of turning your head to check your blind spot, you move your shoulders. As a result, your arms move. And the steering wheel moves. And before you know it, you’re already turning. Keep your arms steady.

Come back this week for part 4, to see what else you may be doing without realizing it. See parts 1 & 2 in last weeks posts.

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