5 Tips for Safe Driving

Be Alert

Make sure you are always paying attention to everything around you when you are driving. Especially, pay attention to other peoples actions on the road.

Always Use Turn Signals

Even if others are not using their turn signals, always use yours. Using you turn signals will let other drivers know what your next action is going to be. Use your turn signals to show that you are changing lanes or making a turn.

Obey Traffic Signals and Signs

Be sure to know what each road signal and sign means and follow them appropriately.

Don’t Text and Drive

Don’t be on your phone a drive. Its dangerous and can increase the chance of an accident.

Don’t Rush

Don’t rush to where you are trying to go. Always leave time so you don’t feel rushed when you are driving.

These are only some of the tips and rules to follow so you are a safe driver. You should always be educating yourself the different ways to practice safe driving.

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