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Roll over crashes are responsible for thousands of deaths and devastating injuries that destroys peoples lives each year.

Contrary to what is said, it is not the SUV’s fault, it is not the vans fault, ultimately it is the drivers fault.

When drivers change the type of vehicle they normally drive, there should be some driver training to help educate the driver on the differences.

Roll overs occur for the following reasons, the driver is going too fast or something happened that they didn’t expect and they didn’t react properly to the situation because they didn’t have proper driver training.

When an inexperienced or uneducated driver sees a danger, they might slam on their brakes and turn the wheel quickly. The vehicle then begins to slide sideways and rolls over.

New drivers should be taught the number one rule, see the big picture. Drivers need to observe everything going on around them, at all times. If you are an aware driver, then you won’t be surprised by other drivers actions.

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