Properly functioning and aimed headlights are always important.

Headlights should be maintained as any other vehicle system

When it comes to car maintenance, vehicle owners usually worry about the BIG things – like tire care, oil changes and brakes. But what about the seemly small things that make a huge difference for safety? Like headlights.

While properly functioning and properly aimed headlights are always important, during this season darker hours and icy conditions, they’re necessary. Driver vision is compromised at night, negatively impacting depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision – so properly functioning headlights are for your safety and the safety of other drivers.

  • Headlights should be maintained as any other vehicle system. This inexpensive maintenance routine can save your life, and the life of others on the road. Please give our car repair team a call with questions or concerns about headlight safety!
  • Restore cloudy headlights. Cloudiness in a headlight is caused by degradation from the sun, reducing and diffusing the light going through the lenses. You can restore them yourself with a DIY kit.
  • Adjust the aim. A headlight that is not adjusted properly will not project light down the road. It may also be aimed in the eyes of other drivers.
  • Always swap in pairs. Replace headlights before a burnout and in pairs. Only swapping one at a time can cause an uneven field of vision for drivers.

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