Hands Free Driving

Car companies and phone companies would like you to believe that hands-free driving is the answer to cell phone safety. The truth of the matter is that the conscious mind holds one thought at a time… think about that, only one thought. If you’re talking on your hands free phone, then you have no idea about what’s going on right in front of you.

About 100 people die every day, usually due to distracted drivers and… speed. If your only thought is in the phone conversation, how can you maintain a safe speed? Don’t forget, the speed rules do apply to you.

Driving at 60mph, your closing speed with oncoming vehicles is 180 feet per second your brain is not focused on the cars approaching while you’re listening and talking on the phone. The top attribute of a great driver is that they see everything that is going on around them, at all times. Average drivers looking out the windshield miss over 50% of what is going on around them. Now imagine how much that number must go down for those very same good drivers, while their on the phone.

What about voice to text? Studies show that voice texting is more dangerous than just texting.

Pull in a safe area, keep your doors locked to text or make a call.

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