When you are driving, things can happen very quickly. You may have only have a fraction of a second to make the right move. The following are common roadside emergencies and guidelines for handling them:


If your vehicle has a breakdown while you are driving, park the disabled vehicle where it can be seen for 200 feet in each direction. Move the vehicle so that all four wheels are off the pavement. At this point, turn on your emergency flashers, and move all passengers out of the vehicle on

the side away from traffic. You can tie a white cloth on the left door handle or antenna or raise the hood to alert others that you are in need of assistance. If possible, carry a cellular phone for these types of emergencies.

Jammed Gas Pedal

If this occurs, keep your eyes on the road, and tap the gas pedal lightly. Try to pry the pedal up with the toe of your shoe. Shift into neutral and use your brakes. You may also turn off the ignition, but do not turn the key to the lock position, as your steering wheel will lock.

Brake Failure

If your brakes fail, pump the brake pedal hard and fast. Shift into a lower gear to slow your vehicle. Apply the parking brake slowly, so you do not skid. Rub your tires on the curb to slow your vehicle, or pull off the road into an open space.

Remember to always be alert and aware of your surroundings when driving a vehicle.

Have a wonderful weekend Tampa.

-Tampa Bay Driving Staff


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