The benefits of professional driving lessons

Research has shown that drivers who take basic or advanced driver training courses are less likely to be involved in an accident. The more aware you are about responsibilities, strategies, recognizing risky drivers and hazards on the road, the safer you become. There are numerous distractions while driving, hazards, other drivers, cell phones, radios, passengers, etc. Driving is one of the greatest responsibilities young drivers will face; it is also one of the most powerful forms of independence. For teens and adults alike, ASI offers driving lessons that will focus on proper technique, explaining why each one is critical, and the risks that you will face while out on the road.

What to expect

A driving lesson will be 2 full hours with you as the driver the entire lesson. The instructor will teach you the basics and fundamentals of driving and will also give you a review on all requirements to pass your driving test at the DMV. Our instructors will give you the self-confidence and knowledge to become a safe driver. The first lesson will begin in the parking lot. The instructor will review your knowledge of basic functions and safety. From there the lesson is tailored for the specific needs of the student. You will then start the process of building the techniques to become a safe, confident, and knowledgeable driver.

What you will learn

During your first driving lesson you will be exposed to what we define as the 10 BASICS OF DRIVING. The 10 Basics are taught in a low to zero traffic area and once you have mastered those you will be introduced to larger volumes of traffic, situations, and driving techniques. Learning the 10 Basics in minimal traffic is beneficial and easier to understand. Once you move onto higher volume of traffic, you will have mastered the basics.

  • Breaking, Steering, Acceleration, Backing up, Parking, Stop right turn and moving right turn, Straight with a stop sign and straight without a stop sign, Protected left turn and unprotected left turn, Signal and turn, and Stay in the correct lane


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