If at any point in your future you receiving a ticket its important to know what to do after so you can learn from your mistake and properly take care of your ticket.

The 4-hour basic driver improvement course is for individuals who have gotten a traffic violation ticket and either elect to take the course or have been ordered by the Clerk of Court to take it. The BDI course can also be used for car insurance purposes.

We offer the 4-Hour Florida BDI course online! Taking the online BDI course gives you flexibility so you can take the course in the fastest, most effective way that works best for you! Our online BDI course is approved by the Florida DHSMV and is 100% online and available for access 24/7!


Several advantages for taking our online BDI course:

Removes points from your license

Avoids an increase on your insurance

You can work at your own pace

Friendly LIVE customer support available Monday -Friday 9-5 EST

Unlimited final exams retakes for free

Up to date and informational course material

Fast, Easy, and Convenient


Florida 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course 


In addition to the 4-Hour BDI Course, we also offer several online courses that you might need or can benefit from:

Florida 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course (also known as ADI Course)
Florida 8-Hour Driver Improvement Course
Florida 4-Hour First Time Driver Course
Florida Permit Test (DMV Test)
Florida Practice Permit Test 

If you would rather take a course in-person, please call us at 1-800-800-7121 and we would be happy to give you some more information!

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