What is Defensive Driving?


You have probably heard the term, Defensive Driving. Defensive driving isn’t just a catch phrase that traffic schools and insurance companies use, it’s a driving technique that all drivers should be doing!


Being a defensive driver means you:

Watch ahead for what is happening on the road
You monitor your speed
Keep a safe following distance
Ready to safely react to other driver’s actions
Don’t get distracted while driving


As you can see, being a defensive driver is so important for safe driving. The reason why many traffic schools have defensive driving courses is because they are teaching you the material and information needed so you can be a defensive driver. When you take a defensive driving course, you are going to be better prepared for driving and you could save money on your insurance.

Whether you take a driving course or just research it on your own, you should know and practice what it takes to be a defensive driver.


Defensive Driving = Safe Driving

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